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White Sheet MD Paper Notebook

Set of 3 MD Paper Light notebooks, easy to carry and use for any occasion.

The fundamental difference with normal MD Paper notebooks is that the binding of these is stapled.

When the pen tip is passed over the slightly rough MD paper, a small sound can be heard at the pen tip. Midori uses paper developed since 1960, finished with such an exquisite texture that it allows you to enjoy the experience of writing.

The paper is suitable for writing with a fountain pen throughout the range. Recognizing the importance of the quality of the paper used to capture memories, thoughts and ideas by notebook users, Midori has spent years perfecting his paper in pursuit of writing comfort, ink resistance and anti-transparency.

The paper in MD Paper notebooks is the same as that used in Traveler's Notebook.

The simplicity of MD notebooks is one of its main characteristics, such as the fact that it does not have a cover, so that you can admire the beauty of the notebook's design.

Bring some stickers numbered from 1 to 12 to use as markers, as well as others with free fields to label the volume of the notebook.

The MD Paper transparent plastic, paper and leather covers are suitable for these notebooks if you insert one in the left flap and one in the right flap of the cover.

  • 5mm squared sheet
  • 48 pages x 3 notebooks
  • Stapled binding
  • Product size A5, 210 (height) x 148 (width) x 3 (thickness) mm x 3 notebooks

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