On 2019 our adventure began, 
that of creating a universe that would express our entire inner world.  

That world is reflected in our day to day, 
transforming the everyday into a beautiful and inspiring experience.  
Our job consists of looking for treasures, finding new designers, brands that pamper their designs and their production, materials, useful solutions ... and that all together make magic to create those "unique moments" in our day to day that we want so much.

Accompanied by a lot of inspiration through our Magazine,
where to immerse yourself in our naive world.

That is why Vaivén is more than an online store. 
It is a philosophy of life that accompanies you to inspire you and help you have a beautiful life. 

Let yourself go, enjoy the moment, contemplate the beauty, feel the sway.


Vaivén was created by María Rodríguez, designer and illustrator, from her studio in Seville, Andalusia. One day he set out to create this space where he could continue designing under his universe and surrounding himself with products from creators, whom he admires, from all over the world.

From the beginning, Pepe Rodríguez has accompanied him, becoming the brand's official photographer. Thanks to him the spark arises ☻.

In December 2020 Elena Cruz joins, in love with the project, looking for beautiful treasures and planning magical strategies ✺