Pendular Pocket | Interview

Who is behind ... 

Hello! ^ _ ^ My name is Cristina Paniagua. I am Galician and I live in Berlin with my family: my partner and our little 3-year-old Mila. Before moving to Berlin, we lived in Barcelona for 15 years, a city that I adore and to which I return whenever I have the opportunity. I have a degree in Fine Arts and later I studied Fashion Design. I started my accessories project when I was studying fashion in Barcelona. There has been a lot of change and evolution during all these years but I have always been accompanied by the desire to explore the world of accessories, from different points of view, materials and languages ... and I am still at it.

What inspires you?

Well, the truth is that I never really know how to answer this question. There are thousands of references that influence and inspire me, Bauhaus, Russian Constructivism, Modernism, Minimalism, ... and sometimes totally opposite things, more baroque or kitsch. But there is usually no specific central theme that I start from and that I can refer to, it is always a compendium of things that get me going. Although I would say that everything always begins with the material, what it suggests to me and what possibilities I see. On the other hand, when I feel a little lost or blank, I try to go to an expo that I want to see, this usually has a very therapeutic and energizing effect for me.


Your favorite moment of the day

It used to be in the morning during breakfast, that was my moment of calm, organization, reflection… and I enjoyed it very much. 

Now I am a mother and that no longer exists hehehe there is a lot of chaos in my day and also many great moments that become favorites, but now everything is more random, ...;)

Although I do enjoy my little time on the way to the studio with headphones and listening to a podcast.

Tell us a little more about your work 

One of the things that interests me most about my job is trying new things. There are always some common elements: minimalism in shapes and structures, functionality, I always try to make a beautiful object come out ... But then I really like to dwell on patterns and materials. I think that when doing a craft work for me it is important to break a bit the routine and mechanization of the work, try new things, investigate techniques and things that I can apply in my process. This is a lot of fun for me and also in the end I think it favors a more unique result.

Describe your workspace. 

Currently I share a very nice and pleasant space with a group of very nice people. It is a fairly new situation and I am still in the process of installation. Before I had the study at home. On a practical level, what I usually need to work is a tall and very large table, my tools and my materials. And then surround myself with images and objects that I like and give me good vibes. Right now I have a lot of drawings of my daughter hanging that she gives me to decorate my study. 


A near dream and a distant one.

A near dream to put this new phase of my project to work and a distant one but I hope not much, to be able to have someone else working with me, I would love to start a small working family.

Do you combine your brand with other jobs or do you dedicate yourself fully to it?

Now I dedicate myself fully to her. But not long ago it combined with other jobs. It's pretty tough, but the dynamics worked well for me.

Which of your products is your favorite  

I love wallets in all their versions. Lately I have been wearing the slim one a lot, because it is small but it has a lot of capacity and since I go with my backpack full I can carry it comfortably in my coat pocket and have it close at hand.


Give us a nice recommendation 

The work of the Korean artist DO HO SUH, I saw an expo of hers in the Voorlinden Museum from The Hague, a few months ago and I am still enjoying it. The museum is wonderful, I also recommend it :) If you travel to Holland, it is well worth a trip if you like art.

What would you say to someone who wants to launch into the world with their own project

Well, since I'm sure that your desire and passion goes well, that you also arm yourself with patience, there are many aspects that escape us and that can be demotivating, but if you believe in what you do, and you think it is your way: work hard, keep patience and treat yourself with love.


This space is great for me because I would like to comment on why I have changed my base material to work and I have left the previous ones parked. 

The most suggestive plastic support for me is always paper, it is a material that fascinates me in all its textures, weights and possibilities. When I make the patterns for the bags, to study the volumes, I assemble the models on cardboard or cardboard. With these models I have always thought: ho, I would take it on !!, how beautiful they seem to me… So when I saw this material for the first time, I fell in love and I thought they had made it for me hahahaha to be able to make those models but that can they really be used? Wonderful!!!! Hehehe 

Then came a harder process, which was really integrating this material into my work and that I liked the result, in that process came the ideas of introducing binding and origami techniques and finally another wonderful coincidence is that this material also had many other characteristics that were aligning with my preferences and with my work and life ethic.



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