María R - Manolita "The simple one" | Interview

 We start a new season of interviews!

New questions with the purpose of discover what the creative world is like of each guest and guest who pass through here. 

We thought that a nice way to start the season would be by interviewing the team, this way you can get to know us a little better ^^
And since we must start at the beginning, today the interviewee is María, the creator of this tiny world that is Vaivén.

We hope you like it!

1| To start with, ctell us a little about your story Who are you and what do you do?

My name is María, although the networks also know me as Manolita. I am 33 years old and I am from Seville. 

If you ask me what I am or what I do, I answer that I am a designer. I studied architecture, but I don't feel like one. Design is my great passion and solving needs with images, graphics, spaces or colors, is my profession. 

Currently a part of my working time is occupied by the design and development of architecture projects in a studio, and the rest is occupied by Vaivén. Here I design, I look for beautiful brands, I talk with them, with the clients, I manage the website and the small team that make up this project ... and some other little thing :)

2 | How did you get to where you are now and why did you choose that path?

I can't say how I got here.

Since I started studying architecture, I have not stopped testing, researching, betting on all the ideas that have occurred to me. I did not come to the race with a vocation since I was little, it was one of the careers that encompassed several areas that I liked, such as design and drawing, and there I planted myself. Taking into account that my mind ignored everything that I did not like, as it continues to do right now in my day to day, as were all the technical subjects. 

There I discovered design in many facets. Design of spaces, obviously, graphic, layout, furniture and drawing. And since that moment, in 2009, I have tried a thousand things until today.

While I was studying, Manolita “La simples” was born, which is now my personal account, but it started as a brand of accessories, which led to drawing and graphic design. After finishing my degree, I worked at IKEA as an interior designer and visual merchandiser, where I also learned a lot.

And joining a bit of here and a bit of there, I came to the conclusion that my vocation is to create beautiful spaces, with objects and with inspiration.

The result is Vaivén, a place to gather the passion for design objects that make our days more inspiring and to be able to enjoy cooking, working, resting with them… In addition to continuing to search and offer inspirational content with our magazine. 


3 | How is a day of your life?

My days are usually very similar, of a time here. I try to get up early, most of it is 8 in the morning and some I get it to be 7. I take my dog Misa for a walk, and there I like to look for rays of sun in winter and cool umbrellas in summer. It's time to listen to podcasts, send them, or look at the trees and connect. 

I usually dedicate the mornings to Vaivén and the afternoons to study, but it all depends on the workload of each of the parties.

At Vaivén, the work is very changeable, but I usually leave the tasks that require more inspiration in the early hours of the day and the more mechanical ones for the latter. One thing that I have learned is to give time to inspiration, I have always had the feeling that searching in magazines, books or on the web, ideas for a task was not work ... but it is incredible what happens when you give it its space . It is a very important research process, and it is certainly not wasted time.

Between video calls, emails, management and drawing programs, 6 in the afternoon (and often 9) arrive and it is time to play sports, have dinner and start over :)

Photo of "ugly" sketchbook, where I draw without any pretensions. 

4 | What inspires you?

I find inspiration in many places, a phrase that was engraved in my mind from a teacher of the career was that of "living looking and not just seeing" Look carefully, and not see without more, in this way when you walk you can find textures, color combinations, ideas in general that inspire you. I like to look from different perspectives, squinting, looking high or very low. You always discover something.

I love Instagram for that very reason, after the level of saturation it has reached, I have taken a step back and returned to the origins. I created an account, which is only to inspire me, not to socialize and in it I follow who inspires me enormously with their travels, music, everyday photos ... it inspires me to a piece of cake!

What refreshes my mind the most is traveling and walking through the streets, discovering shops, cafes, beautiful spaces in general. And photograph everything for me, then walk through my gallery and rediscover. 

As for people or projects that inspire me right now are the videos of Francisca Meneses where he draws, orders, accompanied by beautiful music. And those of Hokuoh, a Japanese Nordic-inspired store, that uploads videos of different women's morning routines ... I love them!

Photo of walking around the house, when I see color combinations that I like 

5| Small actions that turn everyday moments into beautiful and inspiring.

For me, a beautiful moment is having a coffee in a nice cup and preparing a delicious toast. 

See colors in my house that convey peace or joy to me. I recently painted two doors of my house in colors, one pink and one yellow ... every time I look at them I smile :)

I like when when hanging the clothes, a nice combination of colors comes out. I think I'm a bit obsessed with colors!

Discover a new song and have it transport me. Beautiful moments are also hugs and conversations with who I love the most.

A corner of my house

6 | What is your great hobby?

I love watching series and movies and ... EATING! 

I love eating, and trying new dishes, flavors and textures ... and if the place is beautiful, even better!
I would tell you that my third hobby would be drawing, but right now it is blocked. 

7 | How do you nurture your creativity?

Well, I consider that there are two situations in which I need to stop and recharge my creativity. 
One of them is when I am blocked and the other at the beginning of creating something new.

The blockade, I have more than proven that a good shower solves it, with dim light and a playlist in the background ... I come out of there with ten new ideas. A walk or listening to music with your eyes closed also helps. If I had a swing at home, it would help too haha. 

There are times when I feel like I don't have the capacity to create or that my creativity has disappeared. When I get to that moment, I look at everything I have created before and I say to myself .. "Yes you have it, you just have to let it out" And she appears shy behind the curtain and greets me haha

The second would be to sit without pressure and look, look, look ... Magazines, books, pinterest, series, my mobile gallery. Always accompanied by a notebook and drawing every idea that I see that I like. Many times I also print at home (although the printing is not of high quality) and then I make mood boards on my notebooks or walls. 

8| For us, the Vaivén moment is when you let yourself go without pressure or pretense and you always return to a place where you are your freest version.. What is your Vaivén moment?

A swing and close your eyes. An evening car ride with music. 

9 | What cannot be missing in your day?

Lately my coffee, and I have started drinking coffee when I was 30 years old. Well, I have started to drink coffee stained milk, speaking clearly. My family moments, talks, walks, calls… and my evening series! There I disconnect from everything. 

10 | What objects / gadgets / apps always accompany you?

Well, in my bag I always have a notebook, a pencil and my headphones. The mobile of course. 

Regarding apps, lately I work a lot with Notion as an agenda and planning of all work. AND Figma, for all the creative part, because although it is designed to design application and web interfaces, to create and develop quick designs, save ideas and work on networks, products ... I think it's great. 

11 | Where can we follow you or your work?

Well, you can find me in a more personal way at @manolita_lasencilla and here :)

12 | Who would you like to ask these same questions, that inspires you a lot.

I am very inspired by my team, Ebony from Hello Sandwich and Dorita

TOVE The movie about the illustrator and writer from Moomin. In addition to the story and how it is told, I really liked seeing how the phenomenon arose.  
PLAYLIST Lately the lo-fi genre is the one that helps me the most to concentrate and enjoy myself. In this playlist there are several songs that I love :) | WURDWEB A simple game that helps me disconnect and that I really enjoy thanks to the music that plays in the background.