Le Periplo | Interview

Who is behind ..

We are Flor de Lis Blázquez and Sandra Llopart, 36 and 33, Madrid and Barcelona respectively.

Flower. I am a Sociologist by training, but I have never practiced, I have worked in the Retail sector as a project manager for 8 years, and a little over a year ago I decided to embark on another path because I realized that my passion was a more artistic world where photography is combined and design. I am an integral creative, photography is one of my passions, in addition to product and graphic design.

 Sandra. Since 2008 I have been working as a graphic designer in design studios, currently I work at Bakoom Studio. I am a lover of chocolate and design in all its disciplines, I am passionate about photography, dance and traveling. As for design, I love simplicity, minimalism and neutral colors, but at the same time, I like to play and break that neutrality with touches of color and geometry. We both do freelance work in addition to Le Periplo.

What inspires you?

The most important technique for inspiration in our case is observation. For us, creativity can be found anywhere, whether in art, photography, design (fashion, graphic, interior, industrial), architecture, cinema ... Any of these areas can be a great inspiration! Of course, we try not to obsess, or force ourselves when it comes to finding ideas for new jobs.

Your favorite moment of the day

Maybe we don't have a particular favorite moment of the day. We love breakfast because we enjoy good coffee and have a moment of peace for ourselves. In addition to feeling more productive thanks to the caffeine shot that is in our bodies! But the afternoon and the night also have their charm since it is when we dedicate it to our friends, partner or ourselves (which is also good, hehehe!).

Tell us a little more about your project 

Le Periplo is a physical and digital travel guide that differs from the commonly known guides and tries to make the reader feel part of the place, as if they were a resident. It was born from the idea of knowing the cities from a perspective focused on the lifestyle of the place you visit. Explore through a tour and in that tour the tips are counted in a geographical way so that the map of that city is even better understood. Another important value in Le Periplo is that we try to talk about less well-known cities, not so crowded, or cities like Amsterdam, which have a second face. So far we have six guides in total: Brighton, Amsterdam, Porto, Aveiro (Porto supplement), La Rochelle and Iceland. Croatia, like Iceland, is a route (it runs along the entire coast of the Adriatic Sea passing through the main cities), it is about to come to light and two more are on the way, stay tuned because we will soon reveal what they are! All of them can be found in both Spanish and English.

Describe your workspace 

We work remotely, via video conferencing, but we both try to keep our workspace neat and well organized to enhance our productivity and creativity. Lighting plays a fundamental role, we usually work in spaces with a lot of light and to be able to be natural and, if not, warm light would be our favorite, we hate white hospital light! The colors of our surroundings (neutral and warm colors too) and the presence of the occasional plant help us to work much better. 

A phrase that helps you in your day to day or inspires you right now and you want to share.

At Le Periplo we have many inspirational phrases that are part of our brand, but there is one in particular that is our favorite: "Stay with whoever invites you to travel." The destination chosen to travel is just as important as the company with which you decide to travel :)

A near dream and a distant one.

One of our dreams, but perhaps not yet close (hopefully we're wrong, hehe) is to be able to work while traveling and make it our way of life. To be explorers of the 21st century to dedicate ourselves full time to our little big family Le Periplo.

Do you combine your brand with other jobs or is it full dedication?

So far we have combined our brand with other jobs but we hope to be able to dedicate ourselves to it fully very soon. We take advantage of the weekends and free afternoons to work and meet. 

What is your favorite guide

All the guides are equally loved, like the children, but perhaps the ones that we both like the most and because it set a precedent in our editorial design was Amsterdam.

Give us a nice recommendation 

The picture book of Malika Favre (published by Counter-Print Books) We are crazy about it. Malika is a super interesting French graphic designer and illustrator who will not leave you indifferent, her works stand out for their minimalism and the play of positive and negative values of colors. The female figure is usually one of the main protagonists of his works.

What would you say to someone who wants to launch into the world with their own project

Starting your own business is not an easy task but that does not mean it is impossible, the principles are always difficult but if you work hard every day and do not give up, in the end you receive your reward. 


Do you have other types of product apart from the travel guides?

Although our main and official product are the travel guides, we also have illustrated posters for each of the cities. Other accessories will soon come to light, also related to the colors and visual identity of each of the guides, and which have to do, above all, with the values promoted by Le Periplo when it comes to traveling, which is to travel in one way. aware of sustainable consumption and supporting the local. In February it is launched, and we hope you like it a lot!