Anoësis Design | Interview

Who is behind Anoësis ..

Behind Anoësis is Almudena, a woman from Malaga who has gone to Jaén for love and who has always been interested in art and everything related to creation in general. During a few long months of existential crisis, I began to create my own necklaces and earrings, more as an escape route than looking for a specific purpose, and suddenly I discovered that it fulfilled me more than any office work and specific hours.  


What inspires you?

I am very inspired by the architecture and artistic movements of the early twentieth century: Russian Constructivism, Futurism, Cubism, the Bauhaus ... It is impossible to look at works by artists linked to these movements and not get your head exploded from all the ideas that appear.


Your favorite moment of the day:

I really like the beginning of the day, when everything is quiet and I have breakfast in front of the computer while I organize what I have to do and catch up on emails and lighter tasks. Although the serial time just before going to bed is also very cool. That everything is not going to be work!


Tell us a little more about your work

A phrase I use to describe Anoësis is that they are adifferent and unique accessories. For me it is very important that my designs are out of what is usually seen in stores. When I am designing a new model I always think: "If other brands have already done it, why am I going to do it too?" so I try to create something beyond fashions. It's getting harder and harder, but that's my main goal. Something that I also always keep in mind is that they are versatile and timeless. I do not agree at all with the concept of "fast fashion", so I try to create pieces that are respectful with the environment, that last a long time and are easily combined to be able to wear them on any occasion.


Describe your workspace. 

I moved not long ago and I am still preparing my workspace, but by working from home I try to make it a practical and beautiful place at the same time. Always have at hand what I use the most and that by looking up from the computer or what I am doing at that moment can inspire me and feel at ease, surrounded by beautiful things.


A phrase that helps you in your day to day or that now inspires you and you want to share.

There are creatives who each beginning of the year choose a word or phrase to act as a guide for the following months. I've never done it, but this year I want to keep in mind the phrase "better done than perfect." I tend to turn over any idea to the point of blocking myself and not moving forward because I don't see it as perfect as I would like, so I want to be much more aware when that happens to me and move forward despite everything. I don't want to leave any more ideas undeveloped for fear that they won't turn out as perfect as I would like!


A near dream and a distant one.

If I tell you the truth, I am quite bad at planning, both in the medium and long term, but if I had to tell you something, during this year I would like to continue growing with Anoësis and take out all the products I have in mind, which are not! few! It is something that I really want to do because it goes beyond accessories, which is what I have focused on so far. And in the long term, I would love to be able to live in Anoësis: that's my dream ♥.



Do you combine your brand with other jobs or do you dedicate yourself fully to it?

A few months ago I left a paid job to move and start working as a freelancer. I would love to be able to dedicate myself solely to Anoësis, but currently I also work for some companies managing their online marketing.


Which of your products is your favorite  

I have a lot of affection for the Löthar model, whether in its necklace version or in earrings. This new collection is made of wood, a material with which I had not worked before, so when I started to create it I had to think a lot about the design and how the pieces would go so that when assembled they would be just as I wanted. This model was one of the most elaborate and perhaps that is why it is one of the ones I like the most, because in the end they have been just as I had in mind and that is always very magical.


Give us a nice recommendation 

One of the books that has inspired me the most is "The Element" by Ken Robinson. It talks about the importance of giving voice to what you really like to do and it comes out naturally well for you and how all people are good at something. It was very comforting to read it, as if they gave me a push and said: “try it”. In the end, working with your creativity involves a lot of self-confidence and that is sometimes difficult.

And someone who has always inspired me is Deborah Marín, from Oye Deb. In his blog and in his podcasts he deals with topics related to finding a job that is really tailored to you and discovering it also meant a before and after in my way of thinking and facing the world of work.

And to take some of the intensity out of the matter, I will also recommend the Merendola Epicúrea podcast, made by illustrators Emo Díaz, Jose A. Roda and Libertad Suárez. They don't talk about anything in particular, but it's impossible not to have fun or laugh while listening to them. I am hooked!


What would you say to someone who wants to launch into the world with their own project

Well, I don't know if I'm the best to give advice, haha; but maybe I would tell him / her to believe in him / her above all else. That he was clear if it really is what he wants to do and that he goes 100% with his project. That he will have moments of downturn and perhaps around him they will not finish understanding, but that he will try.



Well, a question that they don't usually ask me is what does Anoësis mean! I always think about where the names of the brands I follow come from and it makes me very curious. So even though you haven't asked me, I am telling you haha. During my existential crisis I spent many hours on Tumblr, so when one day I saw this photo with the definition of the word "Anoesis" it seemed very beautiful and I kept it.


 Months later, when looking for a name for those necklaces and earrings that I was making, I remembered the photo and did not think twice. The word was short, hadn't been used before, and sounded good in any language. I had it all! The umlaut was already my thing to give it an even more special touch. Now that time has passed I am still very happy with my name. It seems to me that both in its form and in its meaning it perfectly matches the abstract character of my pieces and that this ethereal definition also adds consistency to the brand. Psychologists or doctors may put their hands on their heads, but I have taken that meaning from the romantic side and I think that after all, when you fall in love with something it is almost a purely emotional and irrational sensation, right? An anoesis :).  



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